Programmers vs AI: Who Wins the Game?

Programmer vs AI Who Wins the Game

Programmers vs AI: Who Wins the Game?

Fighting Between Programmer and AI: AI Hacked

In this article, I share a comprehensive and interesting discussion about programmers vs AI. I discussed their strengths and weaknesses in detail. Different productions of AI are mentioned here with explanations. After reading this article, you will have a much better understanding of their powers and real usage. Let’s start reading!

Who are you? programmer or AI Tools user?

In this section, I’m interested in understanding your skills. Are you proficient in programming, and capable of writing code to instruct computers? Or are you an AI tool user, skilled in generating text, videos, images, etc.? It’s crucial to clarify this distinction because both skill sets are quite different.

Faisal zamir is the programmer

A programmer is someone who can develop various systems, including AI tools, by writing code and giving instructions to computers. On the other hand, a regular user possesses specific knowledge to generate content using tools provided to them.

Importance of Programming

If you don’t know about programming, allow me to introduce some basics. Programming is the skill of writing code in any editor to provide instructions to a computer to perform tasks as desired. Essentially, programming is the set of skills used to effectively communicate with a computer to accomplish tasks.

There are various languages we can use to communicate with computers, much like how we communicate with friends to achieve goals. Similarly, we can assign tasks to computers using programming languages like Python, PHP, etc.

Programming holds significant importance in the fields of development and IT. Without giving importance to learning programming, we cannot develop any digital systems such as websites, applications, software, etc. It becomes challenging for individuals to thrive in a world without these facilities as they provide products, earnings, increased throughput, problem-solving capabilities, etc.

This is why it’s crucial to learn programming languages like Python, which have a high scope in the development field. There are various Python programming tutorials available, but here is a comprehensive article containing everything about Python tutorials in detail, step-by-step with examples.

AI Hacked! The reality of Artificial Intelligence

AI (Artificial Intelligence) is a technology that can perform tasks like human beings. It’s important to understand that scientists aim to develop systems that behave and produce work efficiency similar to humans.

They create various robots that work in different industries in ways that humans cannot. Artificial intelligence is not just a current technology; it’s now highly prevalent in every field worldwide. Everything is moving towards automation, which can be achieved with AI.

AI becomes a good teacher for you like you can learn web designing from AI tools, and other subjects like social science, chemistry, maths, programming, etc.

There are different branches of AI, such as deep learning, machine learning, computer vision, speech recognition, etc. Each branch of AI has different goals, some of which have been achieved, while others are still in progress, like expert systems.

Is programming weaker than AI?

As you may know, programming has the power to directly instruct computers to achieve various targets, goals, functionalities, etc. However, an AI system cannot be developed without programming; it relies on programming to function effectively. This means that programming is not weaker, but rather stronger than AI. AI is a technology or system that mimics human behavior, and it achieves its tasks using programming. It has been proven that programming is stronger than AI.

It’s worth noting that Python programming has various AI-based libraries. By utilizing these libraries in your Python programming, you can develop different AI-based systems, such as voice recognition, converting images into text, identifying human faces with gender labels, etc. This demonstrates that by using Python programming or other languages, we can accomplish AI goals effectively.

Why AI is weaker than programming | Strength: Programmers vs AI

As you have read the above article discusses that programming is stronger than AI technology. Based on that discussion, I want to share some summary with headings that will prove with reasons why AI is the weaker technology. Here is the complete summary:

S No Strength
1 Dependency on Programming
2 Direct Instruction
3 Programming Empowers AI
4 Strength of Programming
5 Python and AI Libraries


1. Dependency on Programming

AI systems depend upon programming to function effectively. Without programming, AI cannot be developed or utilized to its full potential. Like a robot, that cannot perform any action by itself but according to instructions that are stored by the programmer.

2. Direct Instruction

Programming allows for direct instructions to computers to achieve specific targets, goals, functionalities, etc. AI, on the other hand, operates based on the instructions provided by programming. For example, if you have some problems to solve, just write a program in any language like Python and solve that problem. However, AI systems can solve only specific problems for which it is designed.

3. Programming Empowers AI

Programming empowers AI by providing the necessary instructions and algorithms for AI systems to perform tasks like human beings. As any chatbot that is designed for any specific instruction or company for a specific area of knowledge, it will not work in different subjects. As it has only instruction for specific areas of the subject that is provided by programming.

4. Strength of Programming

Programming is a strong tool that enables the creation of AI systems and a wide range of other applications. It provides the foundation and framework for AI development.

5. Python and AI Libraries

Programming languages like Python offer various AI-based libraries that enhance the capabilities of AI systems. These libraries enable tasks such as voice recognition, image processing, and more, showcasing the strength of programming in achieving AI goals.

Strength of AI over programming

As I have shared different programming strengths with you, I can mention various strengths of AI here as well. You may have used different AI tools like ChatGPT, Facebook, Google Search Engine, etc. It’s important to understand other powers of AI that are publicly accessible.

strength of Programming

For example, in industries, numerous robots are working in environments to develop automobiles, a task that humans cannot perform. A robot functioning as an instructor or teacher possesses a vast knowledge of different books, articles, website content, etc., similar to a university professor. Another example is ChatGPT, which stores millions of website content, articles, books, etc. When you ask any question in any way, you receive a response similar to that of a human being.

I can share various examples that prove AI’s power. Take Google Translate, for instance, which can translate any language into any other language. Is there any person who can do this?

Who wins the game?

It has been proven that programming has more strength than AI for several reasons. For example, with programming, you can build AI systems tailored to your specific needs, such as home robots for household tasks, daily-based applications for problem-solving, math question solvers, disease diagnosing systems, etc.

This means that you can create these systems using programming. However, using AI alone, you cannot develop different systems that are helpful for people. Even if it’s possible, there will be limitations according to the programmer’s instructions on how it will function.

Which technology do you have to learn programming or AI?

It depends on your future targets and goals. Sometimes you will need to learn programming, and sometimes AI. AI tools provide facilities for everyone to get work done within seconds. If you work manually, you may face time issues and potential inaccuracies in your output.

I suggest learning how to use various AI tools like ChatGPT, image generator tools, video generator tools, programming generator tools, etc. These tools can help you in different areas of study such as medical, engineering, mathematics, programming, social sciences, etc.

Learning programming may take more time to grasp its fundamentals, expertise, and experience. I am not saying that programming is the only field; I am saying that programming is a more professional skill than solely relying on AI tools.

When I started to teach programming to beginner students I created the channel OnlineSeekhna but left that due to the reason that you can get complete programming Video courses from PythonProSupport.

Through programming, you can develop your own AI tools for specific uses. However, if you are a beginner in IT, you should learn how to use different AI tools.

Here is a video, you can watch to understand the comparison between programmers and AI:


Author Recommendation

In this article, we explained about power of AI and programmers, both are necessary to touch in. If you are fresh and want to learn programming (how to write code etc) or if you want to use just AI tools for your specific purpose, creating websites, applications, generating videos, generating programming code, etc. It depends upon your goals and targets.

If you want to become a full programmer to hold on to everything then you need to learn programming or if you do not want to make your career in programming and want to create just limited applications, content, etc then use AI tools.


In this post, various discussions are made about programming and AI technology, as both possess the power to solve problems and assist in different areas for users.

After reading this article, what are your thoughts? What is your opinion about my discussions? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section, and we can further discuss.


I have heard that AI will replace the programmer, is it true?

I apologize for any confusion. You’re correct that programmers are the creators of AI-based systems. AI systems function based on instructions provided by programmers, who design and develop algorithms, models, and systems to enable artificial intelligence to perform tasks and make decisions autonomously or with human guidance.

Can AI harm humans?

Yes, sometimes due to incorrect instructions or statements with bugs, an AI system may produce incorrect results or outcomes that can harm humans. In factories, there have been cases where robots malfunctioned or acted unexpectedly, posing a threat to engineers or workers who were preparing or working with them.

Where a beginner can learn AI?

Beginners can learn AI from different resources like YouTube, Udemy, etc. Beginners should understand its fundamental concepts, and then learn machine learning, deep learning, etc. I am also starting a fresh AI course on YouTube for everyone to learn about current technology.

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