OnlineSeekhna: Why I Left Web Desining YouTube Channel

Why I Left Web Desining YouTube Channel OnlineSeekhna

OnlineSeekhna: Why I Left Web Desining YouTube Channel

Why I Left Web Designing OnlineSeekhna YouTube Channel

This is the comprehensive guide where I shared about OnlineSeekna YouTube Chanel and its related blog which contains programming web content. In this post, there is a discussion of why I left this company to create others like JafriCode and PythonProSupport. Let’s start to learn more about OnlineSeekhna, its goals, productions, difficulties, why failing, etc.

Why did I create the OnlineSeekhna Channel?

It was 2015 when I thought that I should have to teach online because I taught many students offline in my local area, also I joined an institute in my local area for teaching purposes. It means that I have some experience in teaching which is why I created the OnlineSeekhna YouTube channel for teaching.

Faisal zamir worked at onlineseekhna

Another reason is that many friends, YouTubers, and teachers making money from YouTube, I also decided to make money from YouTube teaching programming, software, web design, etc. These were real reasons to create a YouTube channel. But due to some reason, I left it and faced many problems/issues and difficulties that I will share with you.

Difficulties in Creating OnlineSeekhna YouTube Channel

As I told you, I created a channel for teaching and earning from YouTube, it is the time when I do have not any job or business. I would like to share some difficulties when I faced while working on YouTube very first with the OnlineSeekhna YouTube channel.

onlineseekhna by faisal zamir

When I create a first-time YouTube channel with zero experience on YouTube, for example, how to record video, edit, manage channels, video optimization, SEO for video, etc.

These were difficulties because I had very little knowledge of YouTube optimization for video, at that time there were experienced YouTubers having many years of experience, and I was unable to compete with them.

Another major difficult of financial issue because I was without a job, and had no money for an internet data package, if data was available, data speeds were very slow. With these low-level resources and with 0 experience I created a YouTube channel and left due to disappointment.

One thing I forgot to share with you, is to make money with YouTube, at that time there were no rules or conditions for new YouTubers for example having 1000 subscribers and 4000-hour watch time.

But when YouTube released a new update for monetization enabling conditions (1000 sub and 4000 hour watch time) I became disappointed and left the YouTube channel because I was unable to increase subscribers and such a large amount of hours with fea videos and 10 to 50 views on every video. It became very difficult to earn money from YouTube with zero resources.

Purchasing OnlineSeekhna Domain for website

Aa I created a channel with minimum resources and 0 experience on YouTube, it was my fond to purchase with the same name domain to create a blog. Because I want to become a famous YouTuber and blogger like Abdul Wali at that time.  I invest 1000 PKR on a domain name for a yearly basic plan package.

Then I learned WordPress from YouTube’s different channels because I wanted to know how to create a blog website to publish different posts related to YouTube videos and programming video courses.

I installed the first item WordPress on the OnlineSeekhna blog but unfortunately, I have many issues and problems related to WordPress. After creating a WordPress website, it became very problematic for me to do SEO for posts with 0 knowledge of SEO, and I learned SEO from time to time to make optimization for blog posts.

It was a big problem which become caused me to leave the YouTube channel and blog website which is no visits to the blog YouTube channel.

What goals behind the OnlineSeekhna

Everyone who wants to start a work declares some goals to achieve, same I declare some goals to achieve but due to some difficulties and facing many problems, unfortunately, I am unable to achieve them.

Purpose Number Purpose Achieved or Not?
1 Teaching programming and Web Yes
2 Becoming a Brand Yes
3 Blogger and Youtuber Yes
4 Earn Money Yes
5 Problem-Solving Yes


1. Teaching programming and Web

It was the first goal I mentioned which is to teach programming like PHP, Python, Javascript, etc, and web design or web development, etc. As I learned these skills from different resources like reading PDF books, purchasing online courses, from YouTube, etc then I decided to teach.

2. Becoming a Brand

Another goal was to become a brand, I want to provide quality content and original content that is useful for everyone interested.  I focused on OnlineSeekhna’s identity like creating its logo, active on social profiles like Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, etc.

3. Blogger and Youtuber

As I have mentioned After creating a YouTube channel, I decided to get one with the same name domain to publish the same content in text form and boost that post to get real traffic from Google.

I got this idea from another blogger and YouTuber which is Abdul Wali, he was a famous blogger and YouTuber who taught online programming and web-related topics, i impressed form him and then started such a career.

Being a blogger is the goal because it generates more revenue than YouTube but there are some problems here that are no traffic, no content ideas, insufficient knowledge of SEO, etc.

4. Earn Money

This goal is the major goal and everyone wants to make money from the internet. I decided to earn money from the Internet rather than physically, as you know there are many people with jobless labels in our country due to insufficient resources and other reasons. I decided to depend on the Internet to get a job.

5. Problem-Solving

You know that, everyone on YouTube provides services in different and solves the problems of their audience. You will notice on Youtube, that many people provide solutions for different problems related to computers, mobile, the internet, home, health-related, etc. I mention it in my goal list to provide help in different areas of technology like programming, software, applications, YouTube, etc.

Recently, I shared a Python beginner script to solve different problems that may face daily, I will recommend this article to learn to solve different problems with Python programming.

Reasons to Left OnlineSeekhna

These are the different reasons, why I left OnlineSeekhna, these reasons may be similar to the difficulties I faced those were the reasons.

1. Inexperience and Resource Constraints:

I had teaching experience but a lack of prior experience in managing a YouTube channel and limited resources posed significant challenges. From video production to channel management, it’s optimization, setting, etc was very difficult for me, and no proper knowledge.

2. Monetization Struggles:

It was another reason why Changes in YouTube’s monetization policies, particularly the introduction of subscriber and watch time requirements, made it difficult to sustain the channel financially. Meeting these criteria proved challenging amidst limited resources and a small audience.

3. Technical Issues with Website Integration:

The decision to expand the OnlineSeekhna brand by purchasing a domain for a blog encountered technical hurdles. Difficulties in website setup and SEO optimization for blog posts added to the complexities of managing both platforms simultaneously.

4. Student Life

This is the main reason due to which my programming learning and online working fields are disturbed because I did not want to leave studying as I understood it is my career then online work.

You know that in student life, you need to take more time in learning, exams, papers playing, etc. Due to this reason, you cannot become fully responsible for working on your business. It can be a mature person but in that time I was only a child, studying in a college.

After OnlineSeekhna What I created?

After Leaving OnlineSeekhna, I Earned an MCS (Master’s in Computer Science from Qurtuba University)

During my university studies, one professor guided me about Python to start its learning journey. He provided me with resources to begin learning Python. I completed the Python learning process and then started teaching Python on Udemy, attracting millions of students across different courses.

I created the JafriCode company, which provides various programming and web-related tutorials, and video courses. Additionally, it birthed another platform, Python Pro Support, which exclusively offers Python-based tutorials and video courses.

This is the video lecture that was uploaded on the OnlineSeekhna Youtube channel, the first time I created you can analyze my teaching method and make a comparison before 7 years and now:



In this article, I shared my history about OnlineSeekhna which was a YouTube channel and website on WordPress like a blog. In this blog, I publish different posts related to web designing and programming related. And OnlineSeekhna with different video tutorials like HTML, CSS, PHP, etc. I left both due to some reasons and difficulties that already I have discussed.


Who was the owner of OnlineSeekhna?

Faisal Zamir was the owner of the OnlineSeekhna platform where he created different programming like PHP, Python, Web design, etc tutorials for students. He also created a blog with the same name publishing an article to awareness for Tech.

When it is Invented?

OnlineSeekhna was Invented by Faisal Zamir in 2016 in Paharpur, Dera Ismail Khan, Pakistan.

Now, what is the status of OnlineSeekhna?

OnlineSeekhan’s status is now changed in the form of JafriCode and PythonProSuppor whose aim is to create digital content (videos, articles, slides) related to programming, web design, especially Python programming.

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