JafriCode Hacked | Established the new academy, PythonProSupport

Established the new academy, PythonProSupport

JafriCode Hacked | Established the new academy, PythonProSupport

Why did Jafricode establish the new academy, PythonProSupport?

JafriCode is a producer of programming and web-related content, whether in an article, video course, or live session format. Now, JafriCode has established another academy named PythonProSupport with the specific purpose of teaching Python programming. Details about its main purposes, needs, and other related discussions are mentioned in this article. Please read and provide your feedback and review.

Why do I share it with you?

You should know about PythonProSupport productions, its aims, and its benefits for beginners, etc. I was working in a company as the founder of JafriCode, which I invented to provide programming and web courses.

Faisal Zamir released Python Pro Support

When I created a new academic platform for beginners to experienced users in the field of Python, I felt that this good news should be shared with you all. Another purpose of sharing this with you is to raise awareness about the importance of coding, especially Python, due to its high scope.

Do you know JafriCode?

This is a simple question I would like to ask you. If you already know the answer, please feel free to tell me. Also, where did you hear about JafriCode? We have numerous programming courses published on Udemy under JafriCode, and some of our readers may be subscribers of JafriCode as we also have a YouTube channel. I look forward to your answer in the comment section.

JafrICode Aim

You should understand the needs of development, including web development, software development, AI system development, etc., in the world of technology and how they benefit human beings in their daily lives.

Recognizing this need, I founded JafriCode company to assist individuals in various ways, such as teaching non-IT education students about IT-related subjects like web designing, development, programming, etc.

Subsequently, I realized the importance of teaching Python programming, which has a wide scope in the field of development. Over time, I established a separate platform specifically dedicated to teaching Python, known as PythonProSupport.

Looking ahead, I have plans to develop an AI-based company that will focus on creating AI-based products for the benefit of the public.

In summary, the goals include:

  • Teaching web design, web development, and programming.
  • Spreading awareness about Python coding to everyone.
  • Educating those not initially interested in IT.
  • Establishing an AI-based company
S No Goal
1 Teaching web design, web development, and programming.
2 Spreading awareness about Python coding to everyone.
3 Educating those not initially interested in IT.
4 Establishing an AI-based company.


Reasons to Establish the PythonProSupport Academy

These are the different reasons why I established PythonProSupport Academy to promote awareness of the Python programming language for everyone. By reading these reasons, you will understand its importance and necessity for all IT-related users to follow:

Need to learn Python

I learned Python programming from different resources when I received a request from a Qurtube University professor to teach Python. After his guidance, I started to learn Python programming practically, and I realized its importance for everyone.

I had learned various other programming languages before this learning experience. Through internet research and other resources, I concluded that Python is the trending programming language. This led me to decide to create a company that provides learning materials for Python. That’s why I provide video lectures, articles, slides, notes, source code, etc.

Daily Problem-solving

You know that we face different daily problems while working on various projects. For example, if you are a photo editor or video editor, you will need to apply different effects, remove backgrounds, etc. All these functionalities can be achieved with Python programming.

I have created a course on YouTube for Python automation, in which I have shared various Python scripts for beginners in detail, including their algorithms, source code explanations, etc.

Python scripts for beginners to solve problems

This is another reason why Python programming is essential: to solve daily problems efficiently.

  • Data Analysis and Visualization
  • Web Scraping and Automation
  • Text Processing and Natural Language Processing
  • Image Processing and Computer Vision
  • Machine Learning Model Deployment
  • Financial Modeling and Analysis
  • Task Automation and Scripting
  • Web Development and Backend Services
  • Network Analysis and Cybersecurity

AI Technology

As Artificial Intelligence becomes a more trending and famous technology, everyone has much knowledge about AI but lacks proper guidance, understanding of its fundamentals, and the AI-based development process.

This platform will provide different solutions for AI-based systems and how you can develop AI systems to solve various problems. Already I have announced about thinking AI Coruse creation on YouTube that is under PythonProSupport. Another reason is that Python is a fundamental and important component in developing AI systems.

Python Video Courses

This is the main reason I created the PythonProSupport platform, which provides Python courses in video format. There are different courses available on various platforms like Udemy, Tutorialspoint, Eduonix, YouTube, etc. Many students are enrolling in our courses and giving positive feedback.

PythonProSupport Video Course on Udmey

More Video Courses on Tutorialspoint

More Video Courses on Eduonix

Building a Development Team

Here is another goal that is very important to achieve which is to build a development team. We are creating Python-based courses for students to share Python knowledge practically. I want, after learning Python from PythonProSupport, students should be able to join our development team. In that development team, a student can participate in live projects for their practices as well as get money also for their work. PythonProSupport will create a development team for students and outside developers.

Next Generation of JafriCode

Currently, we are focused on the PythonProSupport platform, aiming to raise awareness about Python programming and its real-world applications. However, I am considering the development of another system based on AI technology.

I envision creating a platform where we can develop AI-based systems using different techniques and technologies. To achieve this, I need to build a team, set up an office, acquire the necessary staff and equipment, budget accordingly, and establish a clear mission.

Additionally, I have another important idea. I plan to establish this setup in a major city in my country. Currently, I reside in a less developed area where there are no ongoing development companies or opportunities. Establishing this setup in a larger city will not only benefit the people but also provide greater opportunities for growth and development.

Sample video created by Python Pro Support for Python Learning

Here is the sample video that was created by the owner of Python Pro Support that contains knowledge to learn Python programming:



Here, everything about the establishment of JafriCode and the new academy, PythonProSupport, which aims to raise awareness about Python coding for everyone, is detailed. After launching this platform, I received numerous positive feedback from various students, users, and the general public.

What do you want to give a comment or review on our PythonProSupport production?


When JafriCode is invented?

JafriCode was founded by Faisal Zamir in 2020 to introduce coding to beginners worldwide and develop digital products.

Why need to establish the PythonProSupport academy?

I recognized the demand for Python programming in the education market. In the field of development, Python has become essential for developers to achieve their goals easily due to its simple syntax. That’s why I created an academy that provides learning materials exclusively for Python.

Is the Faisal Zamir CEO at JafriCode?

Yes, Faisal Zamir, a master in computer science with 8 years of teaching experience, is the CEO of JafriCode, which he founded in 2020.

What is the mission of Faisal Zamir?

Faisal Zamir’s mission is to provide programming learning materials to students worldwide, especially those interested in learning programming, particularly Python and AI, to develop digital products and systems.

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