I am Thinking about Creating AI Course at YouTube

I am Thinking about Creating AI Course at YouTube copy

I am Thinking about Creating AI Course at YouTube

I am Thinking about Creating an AI Course on YouTube

This post is totally about sharing the idea of creating an AI Course on YouTube because I felt a need for this course in the world of technology as everything is connected artificially.

Then you just need to learn artificial intelligence. This article contains details about the AI course like its outline teaching introduction, the teacher’s important points, and different asked questions for this AI course at the end section.

AI Courses Demands

Artificial intelligence is important nowadays due to its high demands in the field of technology. People want to solve their problems robotically, digitally, or artificially. AI is a field that can solve different problems within a negligible period.

AI Course demands in the market

If you search on YouTube you will find that there are lots of courses available from different instructors teaching AI.

They created comprehensive courses with practical examples and projects for beginners as well as experienced. On the other hand, when you start to find AI courses on Udemy, you will get many courses on AI, Deep learning, machine learning, computer vision, robotics, etc.

Recently I published an article about how programmers and AI technology work there different topics are discussed in this article you must learn to compare both technologies which you have to select to learn whether programming or AI.

I have experience Teaching

You know that I have taught different programming languages and skills like HTML, CSS, and JS. Java, PHP, Python, etc. It was in 2014 when I started teaching physically and then moved to online teaching. In different academics, schools, colleges, etc  I have taught.

There are several students from different countries learning different programming languages. It means that I have experience in teaching different skills and different students.  Due to that reason, I have decided to create an AI course on YouTube for beginners fully practical.

When I created these courses and uploaded them on Udemy, I got many positive reviews from students. Because those courses were in the English language, you know that the English language is an international language everyone can understand. But you should know that this course I want to create in Urdu and then another version in English.

Already created courses

As you know I have experience in teaching programming and web. Different courses for example Python programming from basic to advanced, PHP, Java, JavaScript, Web designing, Web Development, etc are created by me.

More jafricode courses on udemy

These courses are uploaded on Udmey, tutorialspoint, Eduonix, etc. It means that I can launch a new course on AI is a demanded technology.

What do I include in the AI Course?

This course will be comprehensive and contains A to Z knowledge of artificial intelligence. As I researched on the internet, I understood that this course should have everything about AI like its fundamental concepts, branches, etc.

Here, I have shared different ideas and topics that I have planned to include in the comprehensive AI Course:

Chapter Number Chapter Name Prerequisites Topics
1 Introduction to Artificial Intelligence Basic understanding of computer science concepts
2 Fundamentals of Machine Learning Introduction to statistics and linear algebra
3 Deep Learning Basics Familiarity with neural networks and gradient descent
4 Advanced Deep Learning Techniques Strong knowledge of deep neural networks
5 Natural Language Processing (NLP) Understanding of linguistics and text processing
6 Computer Vision Understanding of image processing and computer graphics
7 AI Ethics and Responsible AI Awareness of ethical considerations in AI development
8 AI Applications and Future Trends Knowledge of current AI applications and industry trends
9 Hands-On Projects and Case Studies Practical experience with AI programming and problem-solving
10 Conclusion and Next Steps Reflection on course content and future learning goals
Bonus Section Interviews with Industry Experts Knowledge of AI

Things I want to Focus on while teaching

If you are my student from any course you will notice while I am teaching because there are some things from a teacher that students note. I have many students from online as well as offline who are interested in me, my teaching style, course content, etc.

Now I want to share something that I give importance and attention to while creating courses or teaching any topic to students.

It is the first thing I note while teaching is to take the attention of students, in the face when students and teachers both are attentive to the teacher then lectures must be delivered to students by the teacher properly. Sometimes the teacher says something but the teacher’s mind is in another place.

Another thing is the notes, that is a very important thing for the student. After creating a course I like to share offline notes for students to read offline.

Not only notes, but also source code especially for a programming language, are shared free of cost.

The most important thing is the examples, Without examples, Students are unable to understand any topic, and I like to share related and real-world examples to clean difficult concepts.

The purpose of sharing the important point that I focus on while teaching is that, I will follow these points on the AI course.

What do students want from a Teacher?

It depends upon the nature of the student because everyone has a different mindset. But when I teach students programming-related subjects, students want to work on live projects to improve their programming concepts and get practical experience.

Not only students, but when I was learning programming I also looked and tried to find practical projects for my practices.

Student want live projects where they will work to achieve different functionality with their hands writing their own code.

Your Comments and Feedback

In this post, I have shared an idea about creating a new AI course on YouTube, that everyone can enroll in free of cost. In this section, I want to get some feedback from you guys because this course is necessary for everyone who is linked with the IT field.

What do you want to say about this course? What do we have to move in his course outlines? If you have any more topics that should be included in this course you can mention them in the comment section or any other questions or confusion.

In this video, I announced Udmey’s full course to make money, before starting the AI Course I wanted to complete this course and then move to AI course creation.



To the point, I am Faisal Zamir having many years expreincein teaching, I decided to start teaching AI on YouTube, which is why I created a post to share my idea with you guys. I shared outlines and other information about the new coming course.


Who is the instructor for this new coming AI Course?

Faisal Zamir is the instructor for this course, as he has more than 7-year of experience teaching online and offline with half students enrolled in to different courses.

Will I get a certificate for the AI course?

Yes, when I create another version in English, you will get its certificate from Udemy.

What is the duration of this course?

As this course will be recorded for both versions, it may depend upon a student’s time (how much a student takes time in learning). Approximately, it may take one to two months for a student to watch and understand properly.

What are the prerequisites for this course?

To enroll in this course these are the different prerequisites for this AI course like Basic Programming Skills like Python, Mathematics Foundations, Computer Science Fundamentals, etc.

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