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Master Python Programming in 99 Days

32.1 hours
All Levels

Transform from a beginner to an advanced Python programmer in …

What you'll learn
Python syntax and basic programming concepts
Data structures: lists, dictionaries, tuples, and sets
Object-oriented programming in Python
Building and debugging Python applications

The Pandas Bootcamp | Data Analysis with Pandas Python3

10.6 hours
All Levels

Master Pandas, the essential library for data manipulation and analysis …

What you'll learn
Understand the fundamentals of Pandas, including its data structures like Series, DataFrame, and Panel.
Perform essential data manipulation tasks such as indexing, slicing, arithmetic operations, and aggregation using Pandas.
Explore advanced techniques including function application, reindexing, iteration, and text manipulation with Pandas.
Learn data visualization and file handling techniques using Pandas for effective data analysis.

MS Excel Automation | Excel Data Analysis with Python

6.8 hours
All Levels

Unlock the power of Python for automating MS Excel tasks …

What you'll learn
Utilize Python libraries for Excel automation, including OpenPyXl.
Perform basic operations such as creating workbooks, worksheets, and inserting data into cells.
Explore advanced Excel functionalities like conditional formatting, sorting, and data validation using Python.
Create dynamic visualizations such as charts and graphs directly in Excel using Python.

Python Numpy Data Analysis for Data Scientist | AI | ML | DL

6.5 hours
All Levels

Unlock the potential of Python's Numpy library to perform efficient …

What you'll learn
Understand the basics of Numpy and its environment setup.
Explore array creation, indexing, slicing, and manipulation techniques.
Learn advanced operations including broadcasting, array manipulation, and bitwise operations.
Master statistical functions, sorting, searching, and filtering methods using Numpy.

LATEST | Learn Advanced Python Programming | SOURCE CODE

10.5 hours

Unleash the power of advanced Python programming techniques and elevate …

What you'll learn
Master advanced Python concepts including functional programming, object-oriented programming, and regular expressions.
Gain proficiency in database operations using Python and understand CRUD operations.
Explore input-output operations with CSV, Excel, and JSON files.
Learn web scraping techniques using libraries like Beautiful Soup and requests module.

Learn Computer Vision | Python Image Automation Examples

2.9 hours

Discover the power of computer vision as you dive into …

What you'll learn
Automate background removal, resizing, cropping, and watermarking of images using Python scripts.
Manipulate image properties such as brightness, color plate generation, rotations, flipping, and noise removal programmatically.
Extract text from images and perform pixel counting and dimension finding.
Implement advanced image processing techniques like Gaussian blur effects, conversion to PDF, face detection, and bilateral filtering.

Mastering Audio Automation with Python Programming

2 hours
All Levels

Dive deep into the realm of audio automation using Python …

What you'll learn
Perform basic audio editing tasks such as cutting, merging, adding, and converting audio files using Python.
Apply advanced audio effects like echo, reverb, noise removal, volume adjustment, fade in/out, and reverse using Python scripts.
Explore text-to-speech conversion techniques with both male and female voices, and save the generated audio files.
Extract text from audio, read image text, download YouTube videos as audio, and convert videos to audio files using Python.

Learn Python in 7 Days – Web Designing

5.1 hours

Accelerate your Python learning journey and become proficient in just …

What you'll learn
Installation and setup of Python.
Basic programming concepts such as variables, data types, and sequences.
Decision-making structures and loops in Python.
How to create functions and use them effectively in Python.
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