2024 AI Hacked | Web Design Learning with AI

2024 AI Hacked Web Design Learning with AI

2024 AI Hacked | Web Design Learning with AI

Web Design Learning with AI Tools in 2024

This article is primarily focused on whether you should learn web designing from AI tools or not. Web designing is a crucial subject in any institute due to its high demand in the field of software development.

This field encompasses various skills such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, etc. It’s important to note that we are not discussing web development, which includes other programming languages and database concepts.

Learning how to create a website from AI tools or a real instructor both has advantages and disadvantages, which we will discuss in detail here.

Importance of Web Design Learning?

I am not saying about Web Design Learning with AI only you should know its importance, no matter from where you learn it. Web designing is the field where we create and design websites for various purposes, ranging from simple to complex depending on requirements and needs.

Discussing its importance, it’s noteworthy to mention the increasing trend of businesses transitioning to online platforms, which necessitates the need for websites.

Faisal Zamir

You can analyze the significance of this trend by observing the vast number of websites indexed on Google. As of April 21, 2023, Google had over 25 billion indexed websites, indicating the immense demand for online presence. This highlights the necessity for users to access online data or content in the form of websites.

Everyone has some target or goal, and programmers have also goals to achieve, you should know that web design learning in this period should be the main goal for every beginner programmer.

Therefore, it’s crucial to learn website design, whether through traditional methods with a physical teacher or utilizing AI tools. In this post, I will demonstrate the journey of learning web design with the aid of AI tools.

AI Instrucotor vs Real instrucor

Here is a full and interesting discussion I want to share with you to conclude the final decision about AI instructors and real instructors. There are different tools like ChatGPT that work like a human being in response and communication.

When you give any query related to your problem, it will reply to you like a human, similar to responses on WhatsApp or Messenger. Then some robots are teaching in universities like a professor, essentially replacing the professor. They teach graduate students, give assignments, and check their papers. However, there are limitations, such as a limited area of knowledge and research.

As I have already mentioned in a previous article, a robot has limited functionality provided by a developer, whereas a real instructor’s mind and education are unlimited and not dependent on any machine.

Another issue with real instructors is the lack of knowledge about certain subjects, whereas AI instructors and tools have complete knowledge to answer any questions asked by students. However, a real instructor may have limited knowledge and may need to apologize to students sometimes.

Faisal Zamir is the Instructor on Udemy

Conclusion: Initially, seek assistance from a real teacher to learn foundational concepts and practical assignments. Once you have grasped these concepts and completed assignments, you can then utilize AI tools like ChatGPT or others for additional assistance, assignments, problem-solving, etc.

Why Web Design Learning with AI?

The main purpose of this article is to guide you on whether you should learn web design from AI or not. I want to share various related discussions in this section. Here, I will mention different reasons and causes for why you should consider using AI tools to learn web design. These tools can enhance skills in various areas, including HTML, CSS, Javascript, web design assignments, projects, and more. So, these are the different aspects I explore in this article.


S No Benefits of AI Tools
1 Efficiency in providing Alternative content
2 Personalization
3 Accessibility for everyone
4 Wide area of knowledge


Efficiency in providing Alternative content

AI-powered tools offer various suggestions for different designs and provide multiple solutions for a single problem. For example, if you want to create a design for a user navigation bar, these tools can generate numerous designs for you along with explanations. Similarly, if you ask them to generate 10 layouts for a personal website portfolio, they can do so within seconds, a feat that no real instructor can achieve!


As AI tools provide different suggestions for any skill level (beginner, intermediate, expert), you need to inform them about your level. They will then generate recommendations tailored to your proficiency level, providing personalized suggestions that will be beneficial for your specific skill level.

Accessibility for everyone

AI-powered platforms often offer intuitive interfaces and step-by-step guidance, making web design accessible to learners of all backgrounds and skill levels. It represents any skill like web design in such a way that everyone can learn properly it. You should know that web designing is a tough field but it will provide problem solutions in such a way that beginners can understand difficult problems also.

Wide area of knowledge:

As humans have more knowledge of every field, recently I shared an article about how a programmer teaches chemistry, in the same sense AI tools may have a wide area of knowledge, not specific to programming or web designing learning.

If you learn from any real instructor (human) you will have limited knowledge about web design but when you learn it from AI tools it has a wide are of knowledge touching different related skills also. A human needs to learn new skills then you will learn from him/her but the AI tool will train you according to current technology based on detail with examples due to the lots of knowledge that is provided by programmers and developers.

Web Design Learning with AI Tools

Here, I have discussed various AI tools that can assist you in learning web design in detail, providing different examples. Additionally, you can use these tools to create complete websites with various layouts, including headers, navigation bars, footers, main content sections, and more.

Learning web designing with AI Tools

These tools utilize advanced and current technology to teach, incorporating the latest versions of frameworks like Bootstrap, JavaScript, and more. Some of these tools will inquire about your requirements and preferences, such as the type of website you want to create, design details, color schemes, layout preferences, and more. They will then provide you with different suggestions that can enhance your website and improve the user experience.

AI Tools

Certain tools are specifically designed for creating websites and learning web design, offering various layout suggestions and design options. Examples include tools like ChatGPT. Using these tools, you can generate different types of content related to web design. You can ask such tools to create specific website layouts with explanations and more.

  • Wix ADI (Artificial Design Intelligence)
  • Bookmark
  • Figma
  • Adobe XD
  • Webflow
  • ChatGPT
  • GPT-3 (Generative Pre-trained Transformer 3)
  • Writesonic

RISK with AI If you made him an instructor

Sometimes, I use AI tools to seek help in different projects when I encounter any problems, etc. You can also use these tools while programming and developing any specific system, etc. Most people use platforms like Stack Overflow, Quora, etc., to find answers to different questions, programming problems, solutions, etc. These answers are provided by expert and experienced individuals, not AI.

However, when you write any query to an AI tool, it may make mistakes in the code because it is a machine, not a human. Sometimes, it may provide incorrect programming solutions while writing code, but this mistake is not major and can be easily understood. However, be aware of this disadvantage.

I recently came across news from a platform that a robot attacked an engineer because he was preparing it. This is a sad incident and highlights the importance of understanding machines and their workings. The main point of our discussion is that while you can follow AI tools for learning web designing, it’s crucial to initially learn from a physical teacher.

HTML Web Designing Video

You can watch this video to learn HTML for web designing, you will be able to understand how a teacher teaches web designing than an AI tool. In this video, I discussed a basic concept of web designing language which is HTML (Hypertext markup language) which is used to make a website’s basic structure, etc. After watching this video, you will be able to understand how to start HTML fundamental tags, etc.



In this guide, everything about Web Design Learning with AI tools versus real instructors is discussed in detail. After reading this comprehensive discussion, what conclusions have you reached? I attempted to demonstrate that it’s beneficial to learn the initial concepts of web designing from a real teacher and then transition to AI tools for further learning, additional ideas, and suggestions. What are your thoughts on this?


Recently I have decided to create an AI course on YouTube for everyone to learn artificial intelligence and its fundamental components. It will contain a detailed and comprehensive guide with examples of AI. I will recommend this course to everyone interested in IT.


Why it is important to learn Web Design?

It is important to learn web design because it is essential for everyone to create websites or web applications to showcase their business, achievements, personal development, educational materials, etc., to a worldwide audience. It is a highly demanded field in the market, which is why learning it is crucial.

Will AI tools teach you properly like a real teacher?

Yes, while you can start Web Design Learning with AI tools like ChatGPT, it’s important to supplement that with learning fundamental concepts and a learning roadmap from a real teacher.

What is the best AI tool to follow to learn web design?

Indeed, there are various tools available for Web Design Learning with AI, and ChatGPT is commonly used for content generation, including coding and providing suggestions for different layouts, structures, and designs.

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